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Can we make our own creations and submit them to this page, or do they have to be originals?

well. I guess you could photoshop a Moz with a cat but that seems kinda cheatey. How about paintings? They seem okay.

This is a phenomenal idea for a tumblr

Thanks. I figured the two things the internet always thinks about needed to be combined.

Hiya! I started a blog of Famous Men With Cats, I was going to post some Morrissey but found your blog & realized I didn't need to post any Morrissey cause I couldn't do it better than you already did! I posted a message on my blog sending people to yours, it's tagged under the Morrissey link if you visit my blog, I state I'm not affiliated with you & contributed nothing to your blog, I just think people should come here. Is that ok? Let me know if you want the post removed or changed. Thanks!

Thank you!



Some cats are bigger than others